Where should I start, from the top or bottom?

by Louise

Hi Sarah,
I'm 60 yrs old and have ongoing neck, thoracic, lumbar, hip, knee and foot problems.
The main question is re my antiverted right hip and 1cm shorter left leg. Can it be corrected through your exercises? It seems that my whole body is falling apart and I've been seeing physios, chiros etc. all of which help but don't last.
Yesterday my neighbour showed me your books and I'm really excited with the possibility of self help!
Thank You

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Sep 30, 2013
where to start when the body's falling apart
by: Sarah

Hello Louise,
New are another whose post to 'Ask Sarah' I inadvertently overlooked. Please accept my apologies and if it's not too late I will reply now.
It's difficult to say, sight unseen, where your problem starts. But shorter leg is certainly a basis for causing the skeleton as a whole to get out of kilter and start running badly and the effects from this can be subtle and widespread and develop more seriously over time.
Keeping the body toned up and the muscles as trim and taught as possible, plays a huge part in keeping you upright under the weighing down effects of gravity. But the good news is that as you get older, it is much easier to get stronger than you were. Even the tiniest bit of exercise and strengthening seems to make a much more profound difference -- so that you quite quickly feel better than you did. Improved fitness is often best brought about generally through hydrotherapy or water aerobics, as well as through yoga or Taichi. Once you are fitter generally, it is then much easier for therapy to have an effect.
I find it difficult to suggest what therapy to recommend, but I would certainly suggest that you avail yourself of a heel raise (which we can supply on the Products page) to equalise the leg length.
I hope this is of some help and I apologise for my oversight.

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