What to do about Plantar Fasciitis

by Simon Wilkins

Hi Sarah,

It's Simon from Canberra here, long time no see which is a good indication of how successful my treatment has been 15 years since my first visit and I still have no back issues other than the odd twinge (ususally self inflicted by not keeping up the exercises). Back on the back block and all sorted. Thank you once again...

I have a question about a nagging pain in my right heel. Its more pronounced after sleep, however it does keep me limping a bit during the day. My self diagnosis points to plantar fasciitis however I understand that could be completely wrong. I had thought that extra back block exercising would sort it out, but it hasn't as yet.

Any thoughts?

Also, we chatted about an general exercise DVD (as per your exercise classes that almost killed me once during a visitmany years ago), any chance of producing one in the future for those who can't make it to Sydney regularly? (I did scan through your current videos and info but couldn't find anything, apologies if it is already there.)Happy to chat further about this as I have access to some professional contacts who could assist if you need someone.

Take care,


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May 16, 2013
sore heel
by: Sarah says:

Hello again Simon,
Sounds like your back again I'm afraid!
Even though you do not seem to have frank back pain, heel pain is usually indicative of lumbar compression (same is true of plantar fasciitis).
See if you can mobilise the lumbo-sacral facets with the tennis ball (also look up higher at L4-5 bilaterally). Also do the BackBlock on the higher end (after working up from the lower then the middle side). I rarely suggest this but it seems to have become a bit more obstinate and needs a bit more of a nudge.
Also up your squatting regime. Remember squatting is the spine's natural decompressor, targeting the lumbo-sacral and L4 facets in particular. Go right down deep into a squat (holding on to something firm do you can lean back a bit and feel the 'pull', knees right out wide, head down between your knees and bounce slightly - - - feeling your lower spine lengthening and your bottom incrementally nearing the floor.

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