What exercises to do in the morning?

by David Warner

Hi Sarah,

Firstly I want to say thank you for answering this question and also thanks for your great book - "the back sufferers' bible" which has been of unparalleled use for me in my current condition.

I have been suffering from what seems to be Facet Joint Arthropathy as described in your book (no official diagnosis)and am currently in the chronic stage. As such I am following the routine as described in the evenings (although I have not yet added the back block or the diagonal toe touches).

In the mornings however I am unsure what the correct level of exercise should be. I wake up stiff and immobile (of course) but not currently in any pain. I want to exercise in such a way as to mobilise my hips and lower back (and get abdominals and buttocks firing correctly) but am unsure if completing the whole routine in the mornings is a good idea or if this will be too much.

Currently my morning routine is as follows:
10 minute walk to warm up (focusing on keeping hips forwards and swinging freely)
Yoga stretch cat/cow
Rolling on spine
Segmental Bridging
Buttock Strengthening exercise (as prescribed by physiotherapist)
Squat to Child Pose to Cobra
Rocking knees to chest
Reverse curl ups
Floor twists

I am then able to spend at least an hour lying on my back (I now working lying down since sitting brings on discomfort very quickly and is in my own opinion the root cause of the issue)

I work from home (and for myself) and am able/willing to spend whatever time/effort required to help myself out of this predicament. My concern of course is that in spending too much time exercising I may be slowing down the healing process rather than speeding it up. I certainly notice that after this morning routine my back feels tender in a way in which is didn't when I woke which is why I am seeking your advice.

Thanks again for any advice you can give me.

All the best,

David Warner

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Oct 07, 2013
Thank you
by: David Warner

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for getting back to me. All very helpful stuff. Your points have been taken on board - I am slowing things down and allowing much more time for rest. Will look into bed firmness also.
All the best,

Sep 30, 2013
what exercises for the morning
by: Sarah

Nice to hear from you David,
To me, it does sound as if you are doing a tad too much.
Remember as well as being proactive, backs needed time for peace and, well, a time for being off duty and lazy.
It was very helpful you writing down what you're doing in the mornings in the way of exercises and I can see that you're very diligent. But bear in mind that Type A personalities and (I'm assuming this might be you) do not do as well as lazy people!
Backs need rest as well as pro-active stuff - mainly spinal decompression.
Having said that, stiffness in the morning often implicates the bed!
You might like to read this article on www.simplebackpain.com about what constitutes a good bed
And here is another article about bed rest (though I'm not suggesting you need this!).
Meanwhile, I suggest you then go back to simple spinal rolling for as long as you can keep it up (usually only a couple of minutes at the most) and rocking the knees for as long as you can be bothered. The latter exercise is the most calming of all this is what I think your back needs.

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