Upper Neck Injury of the C3 &C4

by Steve Tan
(Gold Coast, QLD, Aust)

Hi Sarah..
First of all, thank you for giving my wife Sandy her back back. My name is Steve Tan and I'm the husband of Sandy. About 10 years ago, we were at the lowest point of our young lives with regards to Sandy's lower back pain. We had seen and spent untold amounts of wasted dollars on so call back and spine experts, even a spine Professor at the Prince Alfred. All had the same prognosis and that was to replace the ruptured discs of the lower back. A major back operation costing a home deposit was in full scale discussion with a surgeon. During this time and 4 months before crossing path with "The Back Sufferers' Bible" in Dymocks,( which led us to you), Sandy was immobile and was literally as stiff as a surfboard. Lying straight was painful, sitting up was a no go zone and walking was impossible. If we'd dare venture anywhere, the passenger seat had to be converted to bed like object and I'd have to carry her in front of me if we had to see doctors or specialists.

I remember carrying her from Pitt St to your clinic, it was a long walk. When you saw her, i noticed you did not pity her at all. We walked out of your clinic, it was one of those moments that'd etched in one's memory forever. I never did thank you, so 10 years on I'm taking this opportunity to say "Thank You Sarah, for all that you've done for Sandy's pain and for us".

.. Now to the problem at hand, I have a great friend who holds a fairly deserved title in one of Australia's biggest company. A strapping young man at his prime in his early 40s.
He's name is Dennis P and he is one of those Aussies you don't get to meet these days, old fashion,extremely intelligent, simple and humble. The boy did something fairly serious to his C4andC5 about 3 months ago, his whole left side of the body is in excruciating & unbearable pain. The specialist has opted for a full neck operation costing about $27,000.
He is currently on pain killers that would floor a bull.
I saw him 2 days ago, his speech is starting to slur from all the prescribed numbing agents,
I was sitting there looking at the fallen buck and was wondering what I can do to help my friend, Suddenly your name just popped up in my head and I said, we're going to see Sarah Keys in Sydney! BUT... first let me see if she's still treating patients. And here we are Miss Keys, can you please have a look at Dennis at your earliest convenience, We're on the Gold Coast and would take the first plane out to your clinic if and when you give us a date.
thank you

Please excuse me for my long question.. I had to get a few things off my chest.

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Dec 31, 2013
your friend's crippling neck problem
by: Sarah says

Hello Steve,
First off thank you for your thankyous! It's always lovely to hear this sort of thing and, even after all these years, I regard such communiques most dearly
Next thing, I should speak with Dennis on Skype.
There is a 'Skype Sarah' function on this website that I am using more and more these days, speaking with patients on all points of the globe who have no hope of seeing me in person. Believe it or not, there's lots I can observe and get patients doing themselves, even using their own hands to manually palpate in the neck and to start the mobilising.
The timing is against us here because I am just looking forward to some R&R after a hectic 2013.
That's the first thing we should do.
Dennis should also schedule into his diary a week intensive spinal therapy program with me and a couple of other patients at the first Back-in-a-Week of the year on February 3rd. This should be a must.
The ideal however, is to get him improving between now and then so that the hiatus does not stretch before us as such a yawning chasm of time to be got through.
Meanwhile, he should be reading what I say about the neck and brachialgia Sarah Key booksin 'The Body in Action' so that he can understand it all more and the whole experience is no longer such a frightening ordeal.
I do hope I can help. I see this sort of thing all the time and, just as we saw 10 years ago with Sandy, there is usually no need for surgery of the type being suggested.
Dennis' neck will be wanting to get better. It just needs to be shown how.

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