Sydney Spinal physiotherapy

Sarah Key's Sydney clinic which has now closed was the

most established Australian spinal treatment 

centre, attending to patients from across Australia and

beyond. Sarah is now treating patients at her 'back

pain' retreats at 'Uloola' in the Upper Hunter Valley 

and her newly-built treatment studio in Newport on

Sydney's northern beaches

For over 31 years our busy Bridge Street clinic behind Circular Quay has been

destination for patients from across Australia and abroad as the ultimate

back pain centre.

Now, Sarah treats her patients in the country

where, for several days each month, you can benefit from her

(usual) outstanding spinal treatment.

She also consults with patients at her newly-built treatment

studio in Newport on Sydney's northern beaches. 

Remember, Sarah Key specialises in backs that nobody else can fix! 



Appointments Schedule With Sarah at 'Fernleigh' 

The founder director of the pre-eminent Sydney spinal physiotherapy clinic is Sarah Key MVO. The doors of SKPC first opened in 1987. In the years prior to that Sarah, an Australian, made waves in London's famous Harley Street area, where she opened a private clinic at the age of 26. Sarah was summoned to attend to Her Majesty The Queen in 1988. In 2003, the Queen made Sarah a Member of the Victorian Order.

Sarah upcountry in farming mode

Over the last couple of decades Sarah has become a recognised therapist, writer, lecturer and commentator on spinal problems in both the UK and Australia. Sarah sees patients these days at her rural intensive spinal treatment centre 'Fernleigh' in the Upper Hunter Valley (see link at page bottom).

Here's a recent survey of outcomes with using the sarah key method

The above graph shows unsolicited responses of 130 people. It shows their pain score out of 10 after using the BackBlock. 

In terms of how happy are they, you can see that 'ecstatic, stopping people in the street' is second to 'very' 

In the fulness of time, you may wish to complete your own Survey of progress in your back treatment if for no other reason than charting your own improvement. It's 10 easy questions. We'd love to hear. 

If you are coming for treatment from farther afield, it makes better sense to book in to one of Sarah's week-long residential Back-in-a-Week spinal treatment programs in upcountry New South Wales. It may be an experience that changes your life. You can read a patient's story here.

For a more in-depth understanding of the skills that make a true spinal therapist, you may like to read 'What is Physiotherapy?'

Non-specific back pain is still a conundrum in the world of spinal medicine. Read about a possible explanation here.

Spinal Physiotherapy is another page about some of the more arcane aspects of healing a chronic back problem.

We don't only see spinal problems at our Sydney spinal physiotherapy centre. We treat all the skeleton's peripheral joints too. You may like to read about Knee Replacement Physiotherapy for example. 

Shoulder Physiotherapy is another problem we treat. 

Muscle spasm is an integral part of both acute and chronic back pain. You can read here about Muscular Rigidity

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