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The pre-eminent Sydney back pain clinic just happens to be renowned worldwide as a centre for treating spinal problems. The Sarah Key Physiotherapy Centre in Bridge Street Sydney was first established in London in 1976 and has been operating in Sydney since 1987. 

Sarah Key herself is a veteran of spinal problems. She has been specialising in the treatment of lower back problems for many decades. She is also a highly successful author with several best-selling back books to her credit, including the market leader on low back pain and how to treat it yourself (see readers' reviews of the Back Sufferers' Bible here). The foreword of this book has been written by HRH The Prince of Wales. 

Sarah Key and her staff at The Sarah Key Physiotherapy Centre are the pre-eminent Sydney back pain centre

Looking after your back is a serious matter. It should not be left to the inexperienced. Serious back treatment should be based on solid science and the careful application of well-founded principles. The gym culture is no substitute for careful spinal treatment!

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PHONE: 02 92476 8627

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