swollen facet joint causing hamstring pain.

by caolan
(Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Hi there. I have had a feeling of tightness in my left hamstring for a long time. I love triathlon especially running but the problem has really effected it. After getting numerous sports massages I was recommended a physiotherapist in Dungannonwhich which practice your method. They are excellent and the pain/tightness has improved with massage of the facet joint as well as my work with the back block and excercises. I now have 4 weeks until the next appointment to start building on my swimming and possibly biking but I feel the improvement is one which seems to be there then it goes back to feeling the scrappy again. I just don't have any confidence in the improvement. My physio has said that it will take time but what is the general success rate for the sciatic nerve being "untrapped " by the swollen facet joint? Also how long does it usually take and are there any tips that I couldn't speed my recovery up I'm really getting feed up with this injury I just need to get back to exercise without feeling I can't do it because of my hamstring/back.

Thanks so much.


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Jan 16, 2014
by: caolan

Thanks Sarah. I have actually already moved onto the taller end. The twists might add something new. Yes it is the Dungannon practice... they are great. Emma is my physio.

Jan 15, 2014
progressing treatment of chronic facet joint arthropathy
by: Sarah says

Hi Caolon,
I assume that you're having 'feet on' treatment for your facet joint at the Dungannon practice. I know it is a very good place.
To move things on, I would progress to using the BackBlock on the middle side, although always do the first set (of the three BB exercise with the block flat).
I would also like you to progress to doing the floor twists to have greater effect pulling the facet capsule free of the adhesions. I recommend you download the short video which is part of my self-treatment video package and the direct link is here: Back Pain Treatment Videos
Hope this helps!
Say hello to Julie and the crew!

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