Suitable mobilising exercise for painful low back (osteoporosis sufferer age 69)

Toe touching, reverse curl exercises etc are generally frowned on for osteoporosis sufferers. I am very tempted to try them because they sound like an ideal simple solution. My low back is very stiff and painful and from time to time gets completely jammed. Do you think they would be safe or can the exercise be adapted.

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Jul 10, 2013
osteoporosis again
by: Sarah says

Hello there,
If you have a look at what I have said to 'Julia of Sydney' in June 30 you too will benefit. All bones need on-off pressure to remain strong and plastic, as opposed to brittle. Yes, agreed, certainly you don't throw yourself about with careless abandon, suddenly lifting heavy articles when you have hitherto been sparing your back. But you must bend - otherwise the posterior compartments of the spinal segments, otherwise known as the facet joint junctions of the neural arches 'stress shield' the bone of the vertebral bodies too much, so that it becomes MORE osteoporotic - and indeed making you more likely to suffer osteoporotic fractures. The flexion exercises of rocking the knees on the floor are carefully designed to compress and stretch the bony anterior parts of the vertebrae by introducing the flexion in an unweighted position - and thereby increase the mineral uptake in the bones, and making them steadily stronger.
I guess you have to weigh up who/what you want to believe.

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