strange clicking noise when using the back block

by Sven

Hi Sarah!

I have been using the back block for about one year now (recommended by my physiotherapist). I spend most of the day hunched over (i am a dentist) and i really find it very therapeutic to lye on the block before bed each night.

I am very curious as to what is the noise that i am hearing. i place the block about 10cm down from my shoulders, parallel to my spine and my head is probably about 10cm off the ground initially. After a while my head comes to rest on the ground. With some controlled breathing and relaxing into the stretch - I always have a really noticable clicking noise and immediately after the noise I feel a very nice sensation and any pain associated with the stretch goes away immediately!

Interestingly enough i find i sleep a lot better after doing this ( I have been quite restless in the past...)

Any idea what it is that i am hearing?

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Nov 06, 2013
Popping sounds when using the BackBlock under the upper back
by: Sarah

Hi Sven,
What you are hearing with the clicks, in effect, is a minute manipulation at various spinal levels. In pulling the various parts of the spinal segments apart, the popping or cracking sound is a slight suction or negative pressure between the opposing joint surfaces 'letting go' as they pull apart.
You will find when you are really stiff (such as you were when starting using the BackBlock a year so ago) there are no/little popping sounds because the tissues were too stiff. As you get freer, the pops and crackles begin until, when you are optimally loose, the popping sounds cease.
Generally speaking though, with your job as a dentist with your head craned forward and twisted, looking into peoples' mouths, you will always need to do the upper BackBlock (the progress thus far is very good).
You might like to read the Thoracic Spine section in 'Body in Action' to complement the BB with other releasing exercises. Also read this link about using the BackBlock for the upper back

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