spinal stenosis

by chris harvey

Hi Sarah,
interesting book.
which exercises do you recommend for spinal stenosis and sciatica?
Chris Harvey

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Apr 25, 2014
spinal stenosis
by: Chris from Belgium

Hello Sarah,
thank you for your reply. I note what you say about spinal stenosis, my symptoms are pain the gluteus medius and on the top of the sacro-iliac crest. Kiné, involving massage and release of the muscles works for a short while, as did cortisone injections in the spine. Having read one of your books and two of your videos, I am convinced the problem probably is due to too much sitting, and therefore spinal compression. How long do I progress through rehab/appeasement before starting on the back block? the postage on the blocks is quite high, is making my own really out?
I have taken on board what you say about the pre-exercise limber up.

Apr 23, 2014
what exercises for stenosis and sciatica
by: Sarah says

Hello Chris,
Spinal stenosis is a very common diagnosis these days and often in error. Spinal stenosis is a very specific spinal condition characterised by inability to walk with completely lead like legs. Commonly the diagnosis is made and the symptoms are nothing like this. However, sciatica is usually caused by inflammation of the facet joint. It is possible for you to mobilse the facet joint yourself and you can see the short video of me showing you how to do this on my iPhone app The Back App, using your own hands. You can progress at a later date to mobilising with facet joint with a tennis ball. Take things slowly though because it is easy to over inflame these joints because they are so vascular (bloody). Meanwhile you really should be decompressing your spine on a daily basis, using a BackBlock. That is the universal panacea.

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