spinal stenosis

by Victor
(Brisbane, Australia)

I have chronic spinal stenosis. A specialist advised me to keep exercising even against pain and taking panadol to subdue the pain. I can;t ever sleep through a night because of waking up with the pain. I can cope during the day but sleep deprivation us a problem Is there more which I can do to help my situation?
I am an, otherwise fit,78 year old,

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Sep 29, 2013
comments about spinal stenosis
by: Sarah says

Here is some in depth reading about spinal stenosis:
and spinal stenosis therapy
I beg to differ, but the typical features of spinal stenosis difficulty or inability walking rather than pain in bed at night.
Be that as it may, you are still in pain and we should try our best to get rid of that.
Most pain in the back starts with a source problem of excessive spinal compression. Superimposed on this segmental stiffness is frequent trauma of a greater or lesser nature which binds the back up even more protecting the segment that you have hurt.
The chore is to isolate the problem is spinal segment and work at loosening it free. This is usually the best course of action to give you a pain-free night.
There are several sections on www.simplebackpain.com about how to appease your spine and get your spine out of crisis. As I have said to another questioner, don't be afraid to use the 'Search' option in the left navigation bar on this site. Type in 'spinal appeasing' and read all about it and more.
You should always do these exercises and progress to using the BackBlock (details of which are also on that site) before you go to bed each night.
This way you pull gently at the vertebrae, making it easier for the disks to re-imbibe water overnight giving you better shock absorption through the day ahead.
Working on your spine like this before going to bed also makes the discs more compliant which dramatically reduces pain you coming from the outer skin off your discs through the night.
I hope this helps.

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