Spinal Stenosis questions

by Cynthia
(Yuma, AZ USA)

I forgot to tell you my back issue is Spinal Stenosis ( both lumbar and cervical ) 10 years ago I had an ACDF C 3 through C 5. I have recently been experiencing major pain and weakness and muscle knots related to cervical spine. However I am focusing on my lumbar Spinal Stenosis more as I can barely walk. Does your Back Bible book address Spinal Stenosis. Also I would still be interested in knowing the size of the cork back block. I will be receiving my this RFA lower left side L5 to L 1 on February 7 and cannot hardly wait. Then a couple of months after that they will doe an RFA on the lower right side, same levels. So far, the RFA's have been working, Thank God, even though they only last about 4 to 6 months at most and I can only get RFA once every 12 months. I have a wonderful pain management doctor here that does this procedure for me. I am very lucky. Thanks, just though I would give you a brief synopsis. It does sound like a back block may help my lower back. Would not use it on the cervical area until I got clearance however due to the 10 screws and two rods. MRI's have been ordered since it has been two years. Then I should find out hopefully exactly how much one particular ' screw is loose'. I have even told my husband before " don't mess with me too much, I have a screw loose". Thank you so much for your time. And I must say I was also very luck to come across your site this evening. Have a good week, Cynthia, Arizona, USA.

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Feb 15, 2014
by: Anonymous

I dont know what ACDFs are, or RFAs.
However, I would caution against more surgery, will-nilly. There is a downloadable e-book you should read on my site called 'Think Carefully About Spine Surgery', which I advise you to read. There are also pages how to relieve back pain
and back strengthening exercises.
Hasten slowly. With a screw loose things are not straightforward.

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