Sore feet - can it be from the back?

I have been having a lot of pain and stiffness in my feet, especially first thing in the morning or if I have been sitting for a while. Once I start walking it soon goes away. I've tried orthotics and orthoheel sandals, as well as foot exercises from another physio. Nothing seems to help. Do you think it could be coming from my back?

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Jan 14, 2013
About backs and feet
by: Sarah says

Most stuff that goes on in the legs has its origins in the back! This means the feet too, in some seemingly bizarre ways.
The feet can tingle and fizz, or they can just feel, well, weak. (In fact the feet getting weak and loosing the 'spring in your step' is one of the first signs of ageing as you start to 'plod' instead - and this too has its origins in subtle not-so-good things happening in the back. For this I suggest always walk down the stairs on your toes. You will feel the muscles and tendons under the arches of the feet working like mad!)
Believe it or not, you may also see or feel your feet spreading as the arch flattens (ditto from the back) and you have to go up a show size! Also, interestingly, a nasty condition called 'plantar facsciitis' can (usually does) stem from a back problem - even if you don't know you have a back problem! What is happening subtly is that the messages to the nerves in your feet aren't getting through so well and the arch quietly and slowly flattens. The feet are letting you down because of your back.
How to fix it? get going doing some 'spinal decompression' for your back, as shown at length in this site.

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