Severe scoliosis

by Marianne
(Worthing, W.Sussex, U.K.)

Born in the hunger winter of 1944 in Leiden, Holland..the town was occupied by the German soldiers who confiscated all food. Everyone was just skin and bones. The only 'food' given were tulip bulbs and sugar beets. I had rickits which later created oral problems and severe scoliosis. The lower spine is tucked in resulting in my abdomen balancing forward. I was always in pain as a child, adolescent and in early adulthood a physiotherapist in Indonesia, where we lived at the time, did something and there hasn't been any pain since.
Two weeks ago I 'went thru my back' and kept moving with this sharp excuciating pain..but kept moving and then lay horizontal using Reiki hands on throughout...but felt I needed to continue seizing up for me! It took 3 days for the pain to go..but ha ha...of course I need professional help! Am not blind. Is there a list of therapists in the UK who have trained with you...whom I could see? I have looked at your books, but feel with the scoliosis I shouldn't just do the knee holding and rocking for example, altho' I have for many years without knowing about you! Just felt it to be the right thing to do. Can you please advise?
Any suggestion?
I live on the South Coast of the United Kingdom, am 67 and work as a no nonsense health therapist in energy medicine. Am always careful how I lift things, how I hold my body when treating clients.

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May 17, 2013
by: sarah

You might like to read the new post on the other website on scoliosis Marianne.
See the link here:

Apr 19, 2013
scoliotic spine
by: Sarah says:

You have done very well Marianne!
You are nearing 70 and to not have had symptoms from a bent spine until, well, nearly now is pretty damn good!
Yes, you can do more with using your BackBlock to prize out the concavity in the lumbar curve from one side (and the convexity form the other) by lying sideways on the BackBlock.
Perhaps you can make contact through and we will send you some instructions on what to do.

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