Selecting the right exercises

Hello Sarah
My husband was given your book "Back Sufferers Bible" by his mother in 2007 and has used it successfully since. I have since injured my back and have a lot of trouble sleeping at night because of the pain. Below is the CT scan report, can you please clarify which exercises from your book to focus on as we don't completely understand all the information in this report to do our own diagnosis.

Trouble sleeping
Melbourne Vic


Clinical History: L4/5 back ache with right sided sciatica. 50 y.o Female

Findings: A small central and left posterolateral protrusion of the L3/4 disc with minor compression of the theca to the left of the midline at the level of the neural foramen.

Large uniform dorsal disc bulge at L4/5 which coupled with facet joint and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy results in a mild degree of focal canal stenosis here.

There are mild disc degenerative changes present at L5/S1 without significant thecal or neural compression here.

Dimensions of the bony spinal canal are preserved, structurally the vertebral bodies and neural arches are intact.

There are several osteoarthritic changes in the L4/5 apophyseal joints bilaterally and also at L5/S1. Minor narrowing of the right L5/S1 neural foramen is noted secondary to osteophytic encroachment from the corresponding apophyseal joint. The remaining neural foramina are normal in calibre.
Alignment is normal.

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Apr 23, 2014
by: Sarah says

I can see from your radiology report there's quite a lot going on your back at the lower two lumbar levels but the take home message is really that you had swollen facet joints and I think this is the cause of your leg pain. I think you'll probably need these mobilising and don't put out of your mind the idea of coming down to Sydney to see us at our dear little Sydney clinic. But in the meantime, you need to do all of the exercises as I have outlined many times on this website. I suggest you start off with this spinal appeasing exercises. See how to relieve back pain
The take home message also is that you shouldn't be over-alarmed by your radiology report. Lots of people have more graphic and lurid reports than this and had never had a day of pain. So don't be too careful with your back and do as your husband has done and just get going, using the BackBlock too.

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