Sarah Key Talks Back

Lectures, Public Talks and Seminars

Sarah Key can be engaged to provide any number of information sessions to both the public and health care professionals. Talks can be provided to all types of groups – from your local bowling club to groups of physiotherapists, yoga teachers and general practitioners [see contact details below].

Sarah is able to provide any number of different varieties of program content, combining speaking/demonstration/interactive options to provide the answer to your needs. Custom made programs can also be provided for industry-specific purposes.

Sarah Key Talks Back

Here are the three basic options available:

One hour lecture and demonstration: ‘Understanding your back problem’. Sarah speaks for 45 minutes on the causes of low back pain and the basic principles of treatment, followed by a 15 minute demonstration on ‘How to Use the BackBlock’. There are both public and professional versions of this program.

Half day: ‘Understanding your back problem and how to help treat yourself’. These are half-day programs for the public. These programs take groups of up to 20 people through what goes wrong to cause pain and how people can help treat their own spinal problems themselves. Here, more detailed information is provided, which is also supplied as lecture hand-out notes. Group members also participate in the very important ‘Spinal Decompression Class’ using a BackBlock.

sarah key exercise class

Full-day seminars: ‘A new perspective of low back pain of unknown aetiology and its management’. These programs are for health care professionals only. The full day seminar includes Powerpoint lectures on ‘Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Lumbar Spine’ and ‘The Importance of Spinal Decompression’, in vivo treatment of a problem patient, demonstration of spinal mobilisation, including the use of the heel, and the ‘Pressure Change Therapy’ spinal decompression class. This program provides the all-important induction to the SK Method for health professionals and provides an insight into ‘Sarah Key’s Problem Back Masterclasses’ Stages 1 to 3.

Note, Sarah is also able to tailor her talks and seminars to your industry

Sarah Key Lecture

Some talks Sarah gives free of charge. Otherwise, the fee can be calculated on a per head or per program basis and may incur travel and accommodation costs.

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