Sacroiliac Joint

by Jean

Sarah can you PLEASE give me some advice, about 9 years ago I had a fall on my buttock. Ended up having sclerosant injections in the ligaments, but I was still in a lot of pain in the SI joint area after pursuing everything and everybody (physiotherapist, osteopaths etc) nothing helped, MRI scan showed a bit if wear and tear etc. I gave up and eventually it settled on its own. I'm 65 and out of the blue the pain has returned with a vengeance, can't sit, can't lie on my back, lots of burning in the SI joint area and in the side of my knee. Went to a physio who said it was a facet joint problem L4L5 but couldn't help me. Have recently had an MRI scan again showed very little a bone spur on L5 and a it of wear and tear, but nothing untoward according to the consultant. So he said its an SI joint problem and 2 weeks ago I had a steroid I jection in the SI joint. OMG, I have been in bed for a week had a reaction to the cortisone, flushing, rash, headache , dizzy, you name it I had it. Up and about now 2 weeks on no better at all, consultant doesn't want to see me for another 2 weeks. He said the problem could be caused by the sclerosant injections!! Could a facet joint problem stop me from sitting and give me pain at the base of the SI joint? My fear is when I go back in 2weeks he will want to give me another injection in the SI joint because he said there was a lot of inflammation there. I think he might be barking up the wrong tree, and really would welcome any advice from you. Not bei g able to sit is affecting my quality of life and is very depressing, can't believe that I can't get at least some pain relief. Please Sarah can you help me. Thank you, Jean, UK.

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Sep 03, 2013
Sacroiliac disorder
by: Jean

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for replying.
I have been doing the excercises from your book for chronic facet joint problems. I will now stop those and just do the appeasing, I have also been using a tennis ball in the L4 L5 facet joints, beautiful sweet pain, it was very sore yesterday so will stop doing that also. The sclerosant injections where 9 years ago so not sure why the consultant seems to think that it's those that could be part of the problem, why would he think that? How often should I do the appeasing and rocking from side to side. Will look at the videos and hopefully get back on track. I won't have anymore injections and see if this will settle things down.
Many Thanks,

Sep 03, 2013
sacroiliac disorders
by: from Sarah

Hello Jean,
I'm sorry about the inadvertent message that I had returned your post.
Better late than never and here we go now.

You seem to have had a bit of a run around from the medical profession, which understandably can tie you in knots and add to your anxiety levels, which real enough, seems to be the case here. Sight unseen, it is not possible for me to diagnose from afar whether it is your low back or your SIJ, but a couple of appeasing exercises done very carefully and slowly could cover both bases

Remember the appeasing exercises are very gentle. And I don't want you to think that they are too mamby-pamby to be doing anything worthwhile. Various things you say like, ‘return with a vengeance’ and ‘burning pains’, indicate to me that your back is very twitched up and the muscles fantastically on-guard. This may too account for your strange reactions to the cortisone with the headaches and the dizziness. If I were you, I would sit out from having any more treatments or injections – either sclerosins or cortisone, at least for a month or two.

Without looking to plug my wares, I do suggest you download a couple of videos from our website e-store, They are very expensive – less than the price of a cup of coffee and one in particular is a short video which talks about ‘the mind matters’. This is important for you because whatever is going on, it is made worse by the way you were thinking about it and your high levels of desperation. All this is entirely understandable when you feel you alone are fighting your way through a living nightmare (daymare?)

Meanwhile, it is important that you do some appeasing yourself and you can do this by simply rocking your knees to your chest. Remember this is a very gentle rhythmic technique with the lulling rhythm like rocking a baby to sleep in a pram. Don't be tempted to be more vigorous. You can do the rocking in an upwards and downwards direction moving the thighs and you can also do it rocking the thighs from left to right and this will be more effective at loosening the sacroiliac joints and softening the back of the pelvis.

I hope this helps.

Sep 02, 2013
Sacroiliac joint problem!
by: Jean

Hi Sarah, had an email to say you have personally replied to my question but haven't received your reply. Could you please resend it, I am so grateful. Thank you, Jean

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