sacralization of L5


My X-ray report indicates that curvature abnormality of spine due to mascular spasm,sacralization L5.please advice me about this,medication,exercise and how long it takes to recover.


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Apr 23, 2014
about your sacralization
by: Sarah says

Hello Yasir,
I don't see any curvature that you mention and the sacralisation is pretty straightforward. I suggest you read again the section on lumbarisation and sacralisation and also the pages on this website about medication, see back pain medications. Without seeing you, I cannot be any more specific than this. Bear in mind to that often the level above the sacralisation, that is L4, will need shoring up so lots of lower abs work is important for you, As is bending and moving freely throughout your day. This keeps your spinal intrinsics from going to sleep and supports your spinal segments as you bend. Don't protect your back to much and don't dwell too much on what the pictures say.

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