PLEASE, Help me survive my back, neck & radiant pain ?!?

by Kristy
(Ozark, Missouri - USA)

Hello Sarah. I hope you like reading as much as writing :D
In 2007 (I was 26), I injured my back. I worked in a play ground & boat dock manufacturing plant. Just to give an idea of my workload, I lifted apx 19,500 lbs of product daily. There was a lot of bending, twisting & above head lifting (50 pound buckets at a time).
I started noticing a tightening + burning pain between my shoulder blades, Easily alleviated with muscle rub, NSAIDS & relaxing. It was about 6 mo before my safety coordinator sent me to company doctor. By this time the pain (tightness & burning) was near intolerable at times & I had developed a specific point of pain directly on spine (between shoulder blades) that was very sensitive, even to touch. It was like pushing a button that sent a circular ripple of pain 2-3" outwards. + a constant 'pulling' from the left side of neck down to top of shoulder. Company doc said I pulled a muscle & sent me back to work. I held out another 3 mo before finally quitting (2008). Since then, its like a domino effect has taken place.
The results from the tests & doctors work comp sent me to gave this info-
I have DDD, bulging at the T2 (said not a source/cause of pain), arthritis in Knees & base of skull. Xray showed I am missing 1 set of ribs & missing L5 vertebra resulting in an enlarged sacrum.
These are my primary issues
*Intense crushing pain in lower-extreme lower back,like a solid block from left-right side, it feels like an abscess tooth ache. The pain often wraps around to front of hips & top front thighs. Its merciless!
*In the last 6 months Iv had pain in the very tip of tail bone. When Bending/squatting, sneezing/coughing feels like a string is attached & 'yanks' on tailbone.
*Since 2010 Iv had multiple episodes of my neck 'locking up' from random un-stressfull movements, such as picking up shoes from floor & once I was just raising up in bed. Literally, its as if my head/neck is locked in forward facing position. Cant turn head left or right, constant extreme pain when trying to move & not in balanced upright position w/ head supported.
*Last month (first & only time this happened) I was leaning over on my right side, then went to get up & I couldn't. I think mostly from the pain, but some moments felt like I couldn't MAKE my legs move. I was stuck on the couch for 4 hours before my Mom could get here. When I finally got to my feet, legs felt weak & shaky, the back pain was debilitating, I felt like my entire spine was crushing & exploding. It was so intense & overwhelming, its hard to even explain where it was coming from exactly.
(This one concerns me b/c Im often home alone w/ 2 children)

Those are my 4 biggest issues/concerns

There is a stupidly long list of minor things that I notice at times, but dont cause pain. Numbness from knee to toes & elbow to middle-ring & pinkie finger (primarily left side).Hands feel uncoordinated & loss of grip. Get tingling in fingertips when completely extending left arm. At times Feet & hands are colder then rest of my body.

Upper & lower back pain is most often caused from having my arms/elbows extended out from body. Cooking, bathing children, sweeping, just everyday things that cant be avoided. And standing/sitting in place for 10+ mins.

Iv seen 1 general practitioner since 2008. After PT/Hydro therapy he gave diagnosis of Myofascial pain & said their was really nothing that can be done to 'fix it'. I dont have med insurance, so the thousands of dollars for PT seemed ill spent. Its hard to believe this level of pain & complications are purely muscle problems? Wouldent some sort of imaging test be useful to at least see if their might be some other issues that MIGHT be fixable?

I hope you can give some possible causes for my lengthy descriptions above, so I can have a better knowledge of what I can be doing to improve the quality of my daily life. And it would be great to have a starting point/possible causes to take to a doctor in the appropriate field.

Just so you know,
I do regular stretches(including uncomfortable ones),cardio, use ping pong,tennis balls & door jams to palpitate muscles & sore spots on a daily basis. Im without regular medical care but I do try to be proactive & stay active.

I do really appreciate the time it takes to read & sort through all of this.
I look forward & hope to hear back from you.
- Kristy from Missouri, USA
32 y/o female

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Apr 09, 2014
Whiplash pain
by: rekha

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Sep 03, 2013
mind and body stuff
by: from Sarah


This is a very long email and I hope I will do it service in my reply. But I hardly know where to start. Your condition seems to be complicated and I loath to step in and give you advice from afar when there is so much going on.

I suspect your anxiety levels are very high and I would like you to download the video from the site – “dealing with pain, the mind matters”.

I hope this helps and see other response.

Thank you too for your words about the website writing.


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