by Harpreet

Respected Sarah,

I am Harpreet form India,50 yrs male.I was recently having some low back pain.My MRI suggested some slight prolapsed disc and my doc told me nothing to worry.I somehow got hold of your book--Back sufferers bible and started doing exercises mentioned under disc problem back pain.Now i am feeling very good and started my exercise and sport routine and feeling fit.I play active Table tennis and also do cycling in morning.

Now i am having problem in my neck due to which there was pain in upper arm and my thumb of right hand is still numb,though the pain has now largely gone away.During sleep,i can sleep only on my right side.As i sleep on my left side,my right upper arm starts paining.Even when i sleep on my back straight,my right arm pains.Only when my right arm is under my body weight that is i am sleeping on my right side,i can sleep.I am also taking one tablet of Pregablin 75mg in the night for the last about 15 days.I have discontinued my sport activity for the last one month now and started doing walk only for the last 5 days.

I have consulted my doc regarding this and he has only suggested physiotherapy for 10 days that is Ultrasound heat and IFT.After checking my X-ray,he has told me that it is Cervical spondylysis and Fibromylgia and nothing serious and there is no need of MRI.I had gone through Physiotherapy for 15 days and for the last about 5 days doing some exrecises for above problem.

Question is how can i treat my numb right thumb and also the pain in my right arm during sleep??How long should i continue taking Prebablin tablet??


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Feb 20, 2013
pain in right upper arm,numb right hand thumb
by: harpreet

Respected Sarah,

Will u please explain in detail the technique of making segmental bridge and opening up of cervical Region.


Feb 20, 2013
comment of numb thumb etc
by: Sarah says:

Dear Harpreet,
OK then if you do not use the typical racing cyclist posture you have done something else to strain on of the joints in the side at the base of your neck and thereby affect the nerve. It can happen very easily, even in your sleep, especially if you sleep on your tummy. It is unlikely to to caused by the reverse curls ups. I do stress in my instructions to 'not let the strain come up above navel level' in your exertions and it IS IMPORTANT to keep your neck relaxed and out of it.
Doing the 'segmental bridge' by rolling up your spine from the lumbar area up to the base of your neck and deliberately taking pressure on the dowager's hump at the neck-thorax junction is the best way you have of quietly and gently opening this very bound up part of the spine.
I dont know if the physios in India are very hands-on byt you probably need some manual mobilising of these cervical joints to get the undoing started.

Feb 13, 2013
Response to Sarah
by: Harpreet

Respected Sarah,

Pl note that i do not use racing cycle and use a normal cycle.

Do you think that this neck problem can be caused by doing curl ups or reverse curl ups as mentioned in you book Back Sufferers bible.I was regularly doing those as part of my low back pain exercise.

Pl comment.

Feb 13, 2013
numb thumb and arm pain
by: Sarah says:

I think it could be the cycling position Harpreet, if you are using the racing crouch over the handlebars and having to crane your neck back to look ahead. This can be at great strain at the cervico-thoracic junction, where the neck plunges into the thorax. It can strain the cervical facet joint there, cause local swelling and this can compress the nerve and do things to the conductivity of the nerve to your arm and thumb. It is quite a common cycling problem.
One of the best ways to relieve it is stretching the neck the other way, although you have to go carefully because the nerve is already quite annoyed to be giving you these symptoms.
I will post afresh a graphic of the stretch I would like you to do.

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