by Terry

Hi Sarah,
I've just started reading your book and am very much looking forward to taking it all in.
My question is whether you know anything about Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). I have had some treatment. I find it quite bewildering. It all seems a bit (a lot) airy fairy, but I always feel better after a treatment. However, I have had quite a few treatments and still have pain. I have heard many people rave about it, and some hate it. What do you think?
Thank you,

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Dec 31, 2013
Thank you
by: Terry

Thank you Sarah,
I have felt some improvement since starting the treatment, but I think it's more to do with exercise, movement and being kind to my back.
I've recently started lying over a back block. I will look at the other articles and try your treatments.
Thanks again,

Dec 31, 2013
never heard of NSA
by: Sarah says

Hi Terry,
Just as I have said in the previous post to Kaye, I have never heard of NSA. Bear in mind that in the world are back therapy there is a never ending variety of treatments on offer and different ways of spending your money.
The lumbar spinal segments compress more than the rest because they are the bricks at the bottom stack. Their compression is added to by gravity and also the compressive forces of the muscles acting on this spine.
All spinal treatment to be effective has to start with spinal decompression and you have to do this yourself – at least you SHOULD do it yourself because you are the only person who can do it frequently enough (every day) and for long enough into your future to keep yourself out of pain. This is why I have promulgated the idea of DIY spinal decompression. I also have put this in place because the metabolic rate of discs is so slow and therefore unsuitable for any weird and wonderful quick-fix types of treatment with the latest machines and gadgetry. Do it yourself spinal decompression is extremely simple. It's not rocket science. This means you are in charge and furthermore, in charge with a knowledge base of your own! I suggest you read scientific evidence base for spinal decompression

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