No block if I have numbness?

by Jana
(San diego, california, u.s.)

I am Jana from Southern California. I was diagnosed about 8 ys ago with lumbar disc degeneration. I have episodes of pain, worse always after step aerobic (which I rarely do anymore), dancing, or prolonged standing. I use nsaids, as well as the Egoscue method.
This episode seems to be lasting longer with numbness to the foot waking me up at night.... I have not until recently had this tingling so often. I was exploring your block exercise page and notice you said not to do for people with tingling. Do you have a page for stuff that IS safe for those of us with tingling to start with?

Also, what about the traditional inversion tables etc? I am considering buying the Back Bubble ( to help get the pressure of the nerve. Thoughts?


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May 17, 2013
using the BackBlock if you have numbness
by: Sarah

Hello Jana,
It is certainly true that if you are having pins and needles or numbness that your nerve is being annoyed where is comes out of your spine. Either a bulging disc, or more commonly (and reversibly) a swollen facet joint can do this.
This is not a time for being too gung-ho with your back and i think the aerobic class had too much impact for you.
I do not recommend the huge inverter machine because it is very hard to regulate the degree of pull (traction) on your lower back as you hang upside down and this may be too much for your back, sending the back muscles haywire into a frenzy of protective reaction which locks your lower back up more and makes your neurological symptoms worse. The BackBlock is a much kinder option but I would go easy on that too for the time being.
Right now you have to 'calm' the spine and the over-attentive muscles keeping the spinal segments clenched at the base.
Go to the site and have a look at the appeasing exercises to do until you can get the lower back more relaxed. This may take a week or two, doing a couple of times a day. No rush!

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