by Brenda

Dear Sarah,

Do you have any physical therapy advice for the condition Polymyositis, where muscle is slowly degenerating throughout the body? This is currently resulting in limitation of overall movement, lumbering gait, cramping of leg muscles, and also I think the very slow post-op healing of a meniscal knee injury after arthroscopy.

(Male patient aged 67, previously sporty and active!)

Thank you,


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Sep 03, 2013
by: Brenda

Thanks so much, Sarah. We will certainly take on board your observations re diet and supplementation for Myositis.
Exercise is trickier: several meniscal tears were finally followed by surgery to 'tidy them up'; however, the swelling and pain at the two month mark is not reduced enough for resuming even 'normal' walking, never mind actual exercise.
Might a starter exercise be appropriate, such as your gentle 'leg swing' (sitting on a high table, and trying to bend and straighten the knee to keep the joint mobile?)Maybe in the swimming pool on an underwater step?
We are waiting on another appointment with our rheumatologist to give a report back from an MRI done last week, but I feel sure she will say "physio" - indeed, I hope so! - rather than more surgery.
I really appreciate your replies from this website, after finding your amazing book Body in Action through a friend.

Sep 03, 2013
by: from Sarah

WE are making the link for you specifically. It will be up tonight Brenda.

Sep 03, 2013
thoughts on myositis
by: from Sarah

Sorry for the delay Brenda.
Myositis is not well understood. It seems to be related to a low-grade inflammatory process throughout the entire body. For my money, I feel it is related to low grade acidic diet, although this takes me right out of my comfort zone since I cannot back this up scientifically at all. I have just replied to Brian in a previous communiqué about fish oil. You might like to read this. Again I cannot back up the veracity of fish oil supplements and I'm
going purely on anecdotal evidence and what I have observed in my professional capacity. Bear in mind that lack of fitness, a torrid diet, and poor elimination are all part of the same 'Western un-wellness' that seems to go with myositis. If I feel the patient presenting for treatment is particularly 'toxic' as indicated by skin texture and clarity of the eyes amongst other things, I will suggest a carefully regulated detoxification diet that also may include a day of fasting on light fluids.
I hope this helps Brenda. Of course there is nothing like walking too, as a daily exercise to kick start all this rejuvenation process.

Sep 01, 2013
by: Brenda

Thanks for your email indicating a reply from Sarah Key. Unfortunately no reply is showing on the link you sent me.


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