Ma roller above lumbar area

Sarah, I have the ma roller which has been fantastic. I now have really bad pain either side of my spine around where your bra does up & slightly above & below. Can I use the ma roller this high up?
(The pain is following pregnancy & then 6 months of breastfeeding / looking after our rather large beautiful baby. She was 10lbs at birth & although i am tall I have always been quite petite so not the strongest.) my osteopath said my upper back / shoulder blades / neck are very stiff with v little movement. Just thought I should check as your page re the ma roller refers to the lumbar region. I have tried it gently on the upper back & feels much better. I know you say use it weekly - I feel I need it twice a day!!! Thanks so much for your help & fantastic products. I also have the back block & your books- all great.

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Dec 31, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much Sarah - you are amazing to take the time to answer all our queries - no worries about not answering sooner - I think you answered quickly esp at Xmas time. You are such a giving thoughtful person & it's hugely appreciated.

Dec 31, 2013
Ma Roller for thoracic spine and ribs
by: Sarah says

Hello there,
S- o - o- o- sorry for delay! I see you posted well before Xmas.
The Ma Roller is a bit fierce for the thoracic spine and using it too much can literally keep you sore. Twice a day would be definitely too much.
I suggest you use daily, the BackBlock for the upper back see here BackBlock for the upper back as this will help mobilise the ribs as well which I suspect may have become jammed too, with the intercostal muscles knotting up.
You should be looking to use this on its flat side and then turning it onto its narrow middle edge, used lengthwise. Make sure to do the 'angel's wings' exercise with it as this will help open out your chest and release you across the pectoral area. These muscles get tight in nursing and cradling your (adorable, and by now rather large) baby.
I suggest you also think in the not too distant future about getting into yoga, since there are so many great postures that will help release you here. See Yoga for Back Pain
Also suggest you read scientific evidence base for spinal decompression

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