Lumber spine problems

by Christopher Tuck
(Main Beach, Qld, Australia)

Sarah, I have been following the exercises in your book since about 2005. I do exercises at night (back block,rocking, rolling,reverse curls)and in the morning (rocking rolling) followed by a 5km walk and squats (2). I have just had a CT scan because I suffered from sciatica recently and a weakness in the spine at about L2/3. The weakness is the problem I wish to discuss and get a way forward.
The weakness came resulted after lifting a printer. It was not the lifting of printer which is quite light but the subsequent two chin lifts of the printer I did foolishly as I held it at stomach height. I was upright and on the second chin lift I felt a mild ache and a sense of weakness around the area of L234? For the next few days I had a sensitive (not a sharp pain) in that area. Also the recent CT Scan indicated I had worn facets joints and also bulging of disc in this area.

What exercises can I do to strengthen the muscles it this area to prevent this from happening . By the way I regularly need to lie on the bed flat on my back for 30 secs and then flip onto my stomach'push up with my arms to unjam the back (There is a sudden thud in my spine which can be quite alarming but not painful.

thank you

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Mar 02, 2014
a feeling of weakness in the lumbar spine
by: Sarah says

Hello Christopher,
Worn facets and a feeling of weakness in the mid/lower back often go hand in glove. The multi-segmented multifidus muscle controls facet opening and closing and if you have not been deliberately bending and - get this - lifting normal, everyday weights, then it's easy enough for multifidus to switch off and become weaker. This spares the irritable facts from undue compression but it can mean that a 'slightly more awkward than usual' lifting mishap can expose the intrinsic muscular weakness.
I suggest you need specific multidfidus strengthening, although do take care and TAKE THIS SLOWLY and use in conjunction with BackBlock decompression. These exercise always make the back sore and should be done sparingly, once every 10 days.
See back strengthening exercises

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