Lumbar lightning pain

by Yves Priolet
(Delta Ohio USA)

Hi Sarah

The X-rays and MRI show disc problems mainly L3-L4 and L5-S1 as well as arthritis and start of osteophytes. My chiro saw a first grade spondylolysthesis on the X-rays but couldn't find it again 3 months later on the MRI.??
Otherwise my main question is : my back is too arched at the lumbar area,what I can perceive easily,and ( aside the usual and constant pains ) if for example I happen to step accidentally into a little declivity I feel a very sharp lightning pain around L5 ( which doesn't last as acute) and I wonder if this pain is due to some instability or because of overarching even more the back ( the pain goes with the sensation of extension while accentuating the already overarched lumbar curve)?
I have now read all your books and watched the videos.I'm doing the main exercises you recommend for starting,and they already helped a lot. I ordered the back-block and will start it as soon as I receive it.
I also want to tell you my admiration for the quality of your works and dedication.

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May 06, 2014
lightening pain
by: Sarah says

Hello Yves,
Thanks for your appreciative comments. Perhaps you too should participate in the Survey of the SK Method. Here is the link: survey. It's always nice for us to see progress and it also helps newcomers understand what we do.
Actually, it is quite hard to tell from your symptoms whether you have instability or whether the problem is postural. It could also be caused by long-term irritability at one of the spinal levels which puts the muscles on a fine trip-wire before they keep zinging off with inappropriate contraction at the slightest provocation. The best way to disable these muscles is simply by doing forward bends or curl downs such as you would have seen on the videos. This is a very effective exercise. Not only does it quieten over-excitability of the muscles but it also fluffs up the lumbar discs by drawing in more fluid. The squatting exercise also does this.
If you want me to have a closer look, we could do with a Skype session.

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