Lumbar Issues

by Charles Becket
(Paynesville Victoria 3880)

Hi Sarah:

I have had back issues for some time now. Mainly in the sacral area. In this instance, I had palpitations run down my legs and after a visit to the chiropractor, my right leg locked up in pain. this pain was centered from the knee up to the hip and by walking backwards and sitting down the jabbing pain eases. This has eased of course. But the pain is similar to pain that I endured when I had bursitis, except the bursa was not in pain. In my late sixties I am retired by very active with bike riding, walking and weight training (which at the moment is not happening)

I do have your book, Back Sufferer's Bible. But being of limited knowledge, I cannot work out the symptoms that occur in your book.

I love cooking and standing around at the counter I feel the strain just in my ribcage just below the armpits. I am currently under the doctor and diagnosis despite x-rays, cat scans and further imaging. Doctors reckon it is wear and tear although my career was as an architect that was not entirely sedentary.

I reside 300km on the East side of Melbourne.


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May 16, 2013
. . . a little hard to say
by: Anonymous

Hello Charles,
Sarah here.
Sorry for delay in getting back to you!
I am finding it hard from your post to tell whether your problems are in the thoracic or lumbar area; so I am going to restrict myself to what you call your 'palpitations down the leg' after visting your chiropractor.
I am not against spinal manipulation; in fact I went to an osetopath the othert day to have my neck manipulated because by and large, osteopaths and chiropractors are generally better at doing it than physios! However, the symptoms in your legs after visiting you chiro do make me think that you are struggling to cope with Instability at one of the segments in your lumbar spine and, quite simply, manipulation will make you worse. In fact, I think it is indiscriminate manipulation is what tips you from 'a stiff spinal segment' to an 'unstable spinal segment'.
Try mobilising yourself out of pain-and-stiffness yourself doing the appeasing exercises (see this link ---- rather than having the brittle lumbar joint repeatedly wrenched free for temporary relief by spinal manipulation.
I urge you to stick with the Chapter 6 exercise routine in the 'Back Sufferers' Bible' even though you will see from another post I have just answered about the 'soreness' the intrinsics cause. This is always a Mexican stand-off because it makes the back very SORE to do the most advanced (Stage 4) intrinsics, that are also the most effective. But you have to do some strengthening, even if you go the slower route using the Grades 1-3 intrinsic strengthening only.
It sounds as if you do have some 'facet joint arthropathy' too, so you could try GENTLY using a tennis ball to mobilise the sore spot beside the spine.

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