Lower back compression pain

by Dietmar

Hi Sarah,just bought your book back in action.I had a cat scan of my lower back and it does not look to bad.the report says at L4/5 mild narrowing of the thecal sac due to some thickening of posterior ligaments and schalow posterior bulging.no prolapse.
I get compression Payne after sitting and Payne when bending forward.
Have tried everything no results,help.regards Dietmar

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Dec 31, 2013
compression pain on sitting
by: Sarah says

Hi Dietmar,
If you have compression pain on sitting I suggest you read these pages on my other website: back pain with sitting. This will help you understand what is happening and how back pain usually has nothing to do with disc bulges or prolapses as seen or not seen on MRI or CT. It's all to do with progressive gluing together of the lower lumbar segments that comes with too much sitting and not enough antidote actions that help the spine naturally pull apart again after the sitting. If you are not getting enough of this then you have to introduce your own DIY spinal decompression
But since you are in Sydney and so few correspondents to this 'Ask Sarah' function are, I suggest you call in to my Sydney Clinic. We will use our feet to mobilise the glued together the spinal segments and make the process a whole lot easier and quicker. You can make an appointment here and then continue on doing the treatment yourself afterwardsappointments

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