Lower Back and Physio on the Gold Coast

I live on the Gold Coast and have a need to get guidance on my back problems. I wonder if you can recommend someone who follows your philosophy.

I have been doing your exercises from the SK Bible for over 5 years. I am being frustrated at the moment with a reoccurring problem around L2/3 where I experience tiredness and weakness in that area on and off. It seems to be worse when I get up in the morning (my bed is about 4 years old, is a sleep maker extra firm with gel included in the comfort layer). I do back rolling and knees rocking every morning before a 5km walk. But I stop this when I get the weakness as I think it will get better with rest...I seem to get over the problem if I rest for about a week, but after about two or three weeks of good times it will come back as tiredness/weekness . I feel that the irritation is amplified when I sit anywhere as it is always uncomfortable and I need to shuffle and move to try to relax.

Any advice would be appreciated on the problem, and who on the gold coast may be able to help.


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Mar 29, 2014
moving things along after 5 years of knowing Sarah Key exercises
by: Sarah

Hi Christopher,
It sounds as if you really have to move things along a little. It seems to me that you need to do some squatting during your walk and also I wonder have you been doing a lot of proper, thorough bending through the years. Remember, bending is the most life-giving thing you can do for a back. It will pull the spinal segments apart during your walking which will decompressed everything and it will gives the discs a drink, improving your spinal shock absorption. The tiredness and weakness that you speak of maybe because you have atrophy of your multifidus muscles, simply because you have been protecting your back by not bending adequately.
See this page: back strengthening exercises
Even so, I do think that you probably need to have this problem looked at. Sadly, I do not have a trained Sarah Key practitioner in your area. It may be that you have to go to the airport get on a plane and come down to Sydney to see one of the lovely girls at my Sydney clinic – or see me for that matter!

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