large prolapsed disc

by Clare Costello
(Manchester UK)

Hi Sarah,

I have been diagnosed with a large prolapsed disc which I have been referred straight to surgery for. I have been surprised how quickly they have come to that conclusion and in the meantime I wanted to see what I could do. I live in Manchester UK are there any practitioners using your method here? I am 30 and have a stressful desk job... There was no obvious cause but I had started pilates for the first time and felt.twinges in the class. Then after a long haul flight I have never been the same. The lack of an obviousinciden is one reason I am hoping I can reverse this without surgery.

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Sep 29, 2013
too soon to operate for disc prolapse
by: Anonymous

Hello there,
First of all let me apologise for this terrible delay.
I hope I'm not too late to stop the hasty recourse to surgery!
Because, yes it is all a bit hasty.
Discs do not bulge for no reason. They are shock absorbers between the vertebrae filled with fluid. When they dehydrate (or lose their fluids) for any reason they bulge more.
Usually, but not always, the disc at a problem spinal level will bulge more simply because it is caught in the clench of muscle spasm. In other words, the disc bulging is a consequence rather than a primary entity. Many scans reveal completely asymptomatic bulging
In short, there is something wrong with the machinery of your back and a vertebra has become stuck - and this is causing the bulge.
There are many ways to get a stuck vertebra loose and manual physiotherapy or chiropractic or osteopathy is not a bad way to go. Very importantly, you should follow this with your own spinal decompression to keep the spinal segments separated and there is much about how to do this and the scientific evidence base of decompression on You should never revert to surgery suddenly. Furthermore, you should never resort to surgery simply for pain. You should only resort to surgery if you have absence of reflexes, weakness of leg muscles, and inability to control your bowels and bladder. Operating for any other reason is bad practice.
This doesn't mean that we don't have to get you better!
There are many pages on this website and simple which of their to help you.
Don't be afraid to use the 'Search" option this in the left navigation bar.
I hope this reply is not too late to help you.

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