knee/hip/low backpain

by John Kilbride

Hurt my knee in march while out walking.
Got x ray which said it was ok, was refered to physio for knee assesment, saw physio in august,he says I just have sciatica and I need to be patient.
4 sessions later,I still have pain in knee/right hip,lower back. Pain in knee is very bad at night, very warm feeling.
Applying bio freeze helps but its only temporary.
The fact that I cant get my walks in is getting me down.
The only exercise I can do is stretch.

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Sep 09, 2013
your knee, hip and back
by: Sarah

Hello John,
You may have seen me saying before on these pages that pain has a funny way of getting confused about what is the source of origin of the trouble; or indeed if there is more than one trouble. You may have in fact hurt your knee initially while out walking. Walking on a wonky need can then make a back problem – and then the back gets worse and the pain then manifest in the back and hip, as well as the knee. It is not clear to me whether indeed the pain is at the front or back of the knee. But it would have to be at the back of the knee to be true sciatica.
It sounds to me is if you primarily have a back problem which is referring pain out to your hip and then down to your knee.
It is unlikely that you have slipped disc as your physiotherapist states, simply because this spinal condition is so rare (you may like to read The Myth of the Slipped Disc, see The Myth of the Slipped Disc
It is also not the case that the best course of action is 'rest' whatever the problem. You have to be more proactive than that, starting off with easing the spinal segments apart.
You really do need to start your own spinal decompression and there are many pages in this website and www.simple about 'How to Use the BackBlock' which should be done after specific exercise to reduce the alarm in your back (see How to Settle Your Back Down
I hope this helps.

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