Preventing Knee Arthritis

 a Video by Sarah Key

This comprehensive video is a must-view for anyone with a dicky knee. In her usual matter of fact way, Sarah Key explains what knee arthritis is all about. She describes joint cartilage and how it works, how it feeds itself; the importance of knee alignment in preventing cartilage wear. She also shows you the 5 best exercises to keep your knees in tip-top shape. 

You Can See it all on Sarah's Excellent Video

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On the knee arthritis video, Sarah also discusses diet and the beneficial effect on cartilage of eating saturated fat and Omega-3 oils. She ventures into the area of the rising incidence of joint disease and joint surgery in OECD countries (particularly joint replacement) and - importantly for us all - the possible ill-effects of the dietary seed oils, or vegetable oils, used in fast food, processed foods, home kitchens and restaurants. It's compelling viewing. 


1. Joint surgery for arthritis on the rise

2. What joint cartilage is 

3. Synovial fluid and what it does 

4. The joint capsule as a hydraulic cushion 

5. The role of quadriceps in pressurizing the knee joint  

6. Lateral alignment of the knee is paramount in wear & tear 

7. The essential ‘hidden’ accessory movement of twist in the knee 

8. The 2 main knee conditions: arthritis & chondromalacia 

9. How Can we Keep Joint Cartilage Healthy 

         a) Increasing dietary saturated fat & Omega-3s intake 

         b) Proper knee alignment in the horizontal plane 

         c) Performing end-of-range movement to force fluid thru’ cartilage 

10. Squatting, sitting on feet & sitting cross-legged are the best knee exercises 

Sarah Shows You The 5 Best Exercises to Prevent Knee Arthritis

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