Kieser Training ?

by Kaye
(Melbourne, Vic, Aust)

Hi Sarah,

Loving your website, very informative.

From a MRI scan, i have been told i have a disc prolapse at L5, S1.
No nerves involved, localized pain, but pain i've had for a long time. Sometimes can hardly stand straight or walk, bend.

I have heard that Kieser Training is good for backs.
I would just like your opinion on this kind of treatment.
And whether it is good and worthwhile trying.

Kaye, Melbourne, Aust

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Dec 31, 2013
never heard of Kieser Training
by: Sarah says

Hi Kaye,
In comprehending back pain and your treatment thereof, nothing should be difficult to understand. One of the reasons I go to such lengths in explaining how the spine works is so that you can do your best yourself with self-treatment, without needing to resort to expensive programs that are not 'evidence informed' or do not have a proper scientific evidence base. You should be able to do most of the work of reversing your problem and relieving your discomfort yourself.
I'm going to suggest you use BackBlock although this may sound too bit like hard sell (it isn't!) and when you're using it I want you to be familiar with scientific evidence base for spinal decompression.
Give it a go and I'm sure you'll be pleased by the result. You will also be immensely empowered by the fact that you are in charge and getting the results of your own ministry.

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