How do feel about chiropractic treatment

by Pam

Do you think chiropractic treatment is good or do they often exacerbate conditions? I mean, can they begin with adjustments that could have been managed muscularly or conservatively first, to avoid complicating already unstable backs? When might one know the conditions to utilize them? It seems mine might have mucked mine up and created an inflammatory response that may takes weeks to undo.

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Sep 30, 2013
can chiropractic cause grief
by: Sarah

Hello Pam in Texas,
You are another of the few whose post to 'Ask Sarah' that seemed to escape my notice, so if it's not too late I will reply now.
Contrary to to what you might expect, I am quite a fan of both chiropractic and manipulation. I say this because both these professions are much better at doing the grade 5 'thrust' manipulation than just about all physiotherapists. However, perhaps I could also say that the strength of these two professions is also their weakness – in that manipulation is the only grade of mobilisation that the vast bulk of them do. In short, what I'm saying is that chiropractors & osteopaths usually, but not always, manipulate every patient who walks through the door. In my view this is suitable for some patients. In my view it is also unsuitable as a recurring theme in their treatment. Manipulation is best delivered, I believe, after the joints have been accommodated over a period of time through more gentle, up-regulated, spinal mobilisation. This, in effect, gets a joint accustomed to being handled - so that they retain the osteopathic adjustment better. And then it is delivered only once, or at least very intermittently.
In some instances, over-zealous spinal manipulation, I believe can lead to the condition known as 'segmental instability'. You can read about this in 'The Back Sufferers' Bible' where I describe it as stage five in the degenerative sequence of lumbar spinal segment. This happens because the gradually dehydrating problem disc loses pressure. If it is knocked around too much through manipulation it can eventually become 'unstable'.
As you may know from reading this site already, I am a great believer in self treatment so that you are no longer dependent on any back professional!
Spinal decompression is a daily event will usually go a long way towards keeping you pain-free.
You can read here on about how to do your own spinal decompression
I hope this helps Pam, and again my apologies for the oversight.

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