Hip Replacement or Not?

by Glen
(Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK)

Hi Sarah

As a yoga teacher since 1972 and over the years have become a Spinal Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher and EFT Practitioner have become fascinated with the body. I am a 'young' 65 year old =]

For about 3 years I have had a 'pain' down the inside of my left thigh and about 2/3 months ago I put my back out and since then the pain in my thigh has all but gone but left me with a sharp pain down my left buttock. I went to the doctors and had an xray. The result being that I have severe degenrative wear in the left hip and lumber region and mild wear in the right hip.

I saw one of the 'top' surgeons this week and his offereings were a hip replacement which I don't need yet as I have good mobilty in that hip (his words) and/or an injection in the hip which is short term.

As with my knowlege of bodies and the work which I do, I accept that I might have missed something and am open to other possibilities. I have a few of your books and refer to them often.

I feel that the L2 and L4 are the culprits and there is a bit going on at T8 but this isn't giving the pain in my arse so to speak. And there is no one in my life giving me a pain in the arse that I can think of unless it's buried deep. This is where EFT comes in.

When I come up from the Cobra and start to walk it feels that the bones are coming together with quite some pain until I give it some movement and it disperses to some degree.

Sorry if this seems long winded and thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully


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Oct 12, 2013
hip or back?
by: Sarah

Hi Glen,
From what you say to me it does not sound as if your primary problem is a worn out hip.
The pain from a problem hip does not prefer 'into the arse', as you call it. This is much more likely to be pain referred from one of the problem levels in your back. The pain from an osteoarthritic hip refers either to the outside of the hip ~ where you want to dig your fingers in horizontally ~ or into the groin. If the hip is a problem it will also be painful and stiff getting it right up into flexion (thigh fully on to your chest) and across into full adduction (across the the mid-line). It will be stiff and uncomfortable to go here. Bear in mind that the 'hip findings' on the scans maybe false positives.
By all means have an injection but if it is your back causing your back pain and buttock pain (sciatica) then obviously, the pain will not be relieved.
If it does turn out to be your hip degeneration which is the primary problem, then I would not hesitate to have a hip replacement. Though I am not usually a surgery person, if you need a hip replacement then I would not delay. As you say, you are a 'young 65' and having the surgery sooner than later will give you years more quality of life. I have known yoga teachers who are delighted with the job and the hip replacement has not restricted their yoga in the least.
Meanwhile, in dealing with your back, make sure you use a yoga block to do the passive spinal decompression on a daily basis. This is better for you than the Cobra. I suggest you read the the scientific evidence base for spinal decompression

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