The 3 Best Hip Rehab Exercises For Preventing Hip Arthritis

A gnawing hip pain caused by developing osteoarthritis can be quickly seen off with the 3 important hip rehab exercises shown in the YouTube clip below. 

A Little About Hips . . . 

Hip pain caused by developing osteoarthritis is highly suitable for conservative treatment in the form of hip rehab exercises. Although hip replacements are not escalating at the rate of knee replacements they are certainly increasing at a great rate in Westernised societies (see below). Simple hip exercises done by you at home are highly effective prevention to stay the day of the surgeon's knife. Read here about the different hip replacement hardware

The hip is it deeply set ball and socket joint, where the head of the femur - shaped like a tennis ball, though a bit smaller - fits snuggly into its socket in the side of the pelvis. The socket and the head of the femur are covered with shiny mother-of-pearl hyaline cartridge which acts as a buffering shock absorber and lubricating surface between the bones. Healthy cartilage has the resilient compliance of a semi-dense plastic. 

The bone of the femur is reinforced internally by bony lines of force. But the neck of femur is naturally lacking in these - and is therefore weak. Fractured neck of femur is a common affliction with falls amongst the elderly. More common however, is hip surgery for painful osteoarthritis of the hip, where the hip joint inflames and the cartilage buffer is worn away. 

See Sarah's  YouTube Clip 'Introduction To Hip Pain'


Maintaining healthy hip joints is all about the right hip rehab exercises done on a daily basis. Full range mobility of the hips creates important pressure changes inside the joint which forces nutritional fluids through the joint cartilage. The fluid exchange also helps lubricate the joint and debride it of gritty fragments of cartilage. Gradual loss of hip mobility leads to turbidity of the joint fluid and poorer joint maintenance. It also leads to protective clenching of the muscles around the hip in response to the inflammation. 

See Sarah's 3 Best Hip Rehab Exercises

Getting the best out of the hip rehab exercises above is all about getting the rate right. When starting these exercises you can expect the hip to be sore and glitchy for a few days - so much so that you might wonder whether you're doing it right. The important thing is not to panic and not to let the muscles seize up. This is a good time for taking anti-inflammatory medication as described by your doctor, although the drugs should not be necessary for more than a week to 10 days.

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