Hip pain?

by Heather
(Mackay, Qld Australia)

Hi Sarah, following a L4/5 spinal fusion, I have now started suffering from hip pain. Drs say Bursitis? But I belive it to be nerve pain stemming from my lower back. Can you suggest any treatment or ways of determining what is the cause?. Thank you Heather

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Mar 14, 2014
by: Sarah says

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Mar 13, 2014
persistent pain after spinal fusion
by: Sarah says

Hello Heather,
It is always a little more difficult to make a difference after surgery. It may be that the surgical procedure has created a degree of scar tissue inside the back, in which case mobilisation of the tissues themselves is the only way to go.
In effect, you are mobilising the spine, not to get more movements from the joints (because they have been surgically fused) but to soften the scar tissue so that it is possible to be reabsorbed by the bloodstream.
Strangely enough, the post previous to this to 'Amanda desperate in London' is just as applicable to you. The pressure of a folded up pair of gloves is a lovely gentle way to soften the stringy strands of 'adhesions' inside your back. See how that goes and if necessary, It may be a good idea to come down to Sydney to see me.

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