Sarah's health vacation for the back
photo gallery


purpose built fernleigh nestles in the hills within a working farm

muster on horseback
hills around fernleigh

sitting by the campfire at night or strolling around the farm in the cool of the morning helps to relax

Fernleigh Fenceline

on the way, you can make friends . . .   

around the campfire
accommodation at night

then back to the luxury accommodation . . .  full of creature comforts

here's the Afternoon tea corner

bedroom with a view

comfort, comfort, comfort

luxury bedroom
relaxing in the library

practicing (not) after the sitting lecture, and relaxing in the reading room

sarah loves her flowers. . . .

roses on verandah
flower arrangement

and of course, what you came for, the treatment. . .

afternoon tea
raspberry sponge
cream tea

oops, this is the treatment. . . .

the hands and the feet . . . . 

Sarah Key's treatment room

kim's food is out of this world. . . .

chicken terrine
Salads Galore
Tomato and Mozzarella
sublime salad

the lectures. . . .

lecture room at Fernleigh
Sarah demonstrates the spine
Hall ready for the lecture

and the exercises. . . .

Sarah's exercise class
the squat
legs up the wall

which sometimes even take place outdoors

outdoor exercises

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