the ultimate health vacation
to fix your back

Sarah Key’s 'Back-in-a-Week' is a totally unique health vacation
 for people with back pain.  

Back-in-a-Week is a holiday to fix your back. Sarah Key says the unhurried immersion in state-of-the-art treatment, explanation, exercise and rest is the best possible practice for dealing with a persistent spinal problem. Apart from the welcome here-and-now relief from pain, Back-in-a-Weeks provide a proper understanding of your pain and what has caused it, how it's best kept at bay and many other important strategies for the future.

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About one third of our custom is repeat visitors, seemingly without a bad back. One of our patients recently remarked that she was 'relieved and delighted that is was every bit as magical as it had been' (eight) years earlier!

Information is very important in the cure. Sarah makes it easy to understand spinal anatomy and physiology and the forces affecting your spine through the different sustained postures - and why you may have developed a problem. More importantly, she explains how to fix it - and what both she and you do about it. Self treatment is a big part of the Sarah Key Method of fixing bad backs.

floating spine in heavenly sky

After a Back-in-a-Week you will never be in the dark again about your back!

A truly unique and extraordinary



  • A diagnosis of your back problem
  • An explanation as to what caused it
  • Daily spinal mobilisation treatment from Sarah
  • A daily exercise class to teach you how to take care for your back 
  • Lectures on the science of therapy and back pain prevention 
  • An individual Powerpoint presentation on your condition 
  • Lectures on factors that influence your back, such as bending and sitting - and fear!
  • A BackBlock and one of Sarah’s books 
  • A simple exercise regime to take home
  • Hours of unhurried discussion about 'all things back'
  • Luxury accommodation and fabulous food 
  • Peace of mind and hope for the future!

Sarah will want to know of any accidents or mishaps in the past and your clinical history. And while the MRIs and X-rays are important, what's more important in the diagnostic process is palpating the spinal joints with the hands. Sarah can tell more from feeling around in the nooks and crannies of your spine with her hands than anything else. 

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The hands-on spinal treatment is what everyone is looking for at a Back-in-a-Week. Seeking out and mobilising gummed-up spinal segment is what most painful spines need - and this is what Sarah excels at. By doing this, she sets you up for continual improvement as you resume your normal life afterwards (doing your BackBlock routine every night we hope) !

Sarah uses her hands as diagnostic tools to palpate the mobility of your spinal segments, rather like a piano-tuner sounding out each key. With the spine laid out before her, she tests each spinal link from all directions as she tinkles her fingers up and down your spine. The stuck segments elicit a familiar jarring note of pain. It's always an agreeable 'sweet pain' relief to have it found. 

By contrast, Sarah uses her feet as the treatment tools. She says that delicate enquiring touch of probing fingers tends to be blunted by the forceful pressures needed to mobilise a spine, and that mobilising pressures spread over a wider area such as the heel makes treatment more bearable. The common refrain is that the pressure feels 'nicer' and deeper and more effective!

Although she specialises in spinal problems, Sarah's expertise extends well beyond. She is just as happy treating all the different joints of the skeleton. 

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where do the Back-in-a-Weeks Happen?

Sarah Key holds several Back-in-a-Weeks at Fernleigh in New South Wales, while only one a year at Hotel Tresanton in Cornwall. To be getting on with things, it's really a very good idea to be watching Sarah on video beforehand. See the Video packages here.

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“Consistently you will hear the same thing from participants -

“changed my life”,

“at last, a diagnosis.. some hope, something positive I can do to get better,”

“wonderful environment, atmosphere, friendly, caring, supportive staff.”

And they’re all true- especially the relief that people feel at finally finding an approach that works and validates their experiences of all those other ‘dead ends’. Even though there is no magic quick fix,’ all theses superlatives still only partially convey the power of their experience and the gentle sense of healing conveyed by Sarah Key.”

Ros, Tasmania, September, 2008