Flare Ups!!!

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the emails, I have found them very useful.

I have a question for you though...I prolapsed my L5/S1 in September 2012 and have had no surgery or anything like that however I am still getting "flare ups" every now and then. Is this normal or is more damage to the disc being caused by sitting/golf that I play etc etc?

Please could you let me have your thoughts on this?

Many thanks,


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Jan 16, 2014
Flare Ups!!!
by: Nathan

Hi Sarah, thanks for the response.

I do not do the back block part to the 3 step regime as you mention not to do it if you have had bad leg pain in the past year??

Is it something i should consider now?

Im a little confused?!

Kind regards,


Jan 15, 2014
by: Sarah says

There's a lot of difference between sitting and playing golf!
However, your back is certainly still not quite right.
Are you decompressing with a BackBlock? Because you absolutely must! Otherwise, your problem will have a habit of lying doggo for a while and then resurfacing again at the most inconvenient times.
I suggest you read the causes of back pain because you need to have an idea of what's wrong.
I also suggest you download my videos on how to decompress your spine yourself. Here is the link: Back Pain Treatment Videos

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