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I've had back problems for the past 20 years, on average i strain my back resulting in servere nerve pain, around twice a year.
reading your article on the 3 exercises performed with your backblock, it was proceeded with a warning about not performing these exercises if you had experienced servere back pain in the last twelve months.
Just curious as to why a long period before you can commence exercises from an injury. Does this mean l can't perform your routine or i should ask my gp first.
As i write i am lying on couch, pinched nerve 5 days ago have continuely over that period reinjured it with excruciating pain abut five times, each time having to rest it before i can move, let alone stand up.
Saw gp yesterday just told me to keep moving and gave me sime pain killers.
Should i keep moving if i do, no matter how careful i am, unlike other times it seems to flare up without warning. Will this result in more damage, is it part of the healing process or could it be something that the gp missed.
thanks tony

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Oct 17, 2013
getting out of pain
by: Sarah

Hello Tony,
Your whole back sounds very jazzed up and you need to be performing some spinal appeasing exercises to make things calm down.
You need to do things both physically and chemically to encourage this to happen. Read here on spinal appeasing exercise to relieve pain. You may need to read to about medication for back pain since you may need some anti-inflammatory medication as well.
The contra-indications on the BackBlock are really to prevent thoughtless use. Although it is ideal to have your GPs blessing to start doing The Sarah Key Method, it is not absolutely mandatory.
You might like to read here some more about bed rest for bad backsabout bed rest for bad backs

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