exercise after two hip replacements

by Kathy B

Was very interested to hear you speak on radio 612 early morning 10th April. I've since ordered the back block and book 'Back in Action". However, because I've had both hips replaced, I'm wondering if there's any of your recommended exercises I shouldn't do, or should modify?

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May 16, 2013
exercising after a hip replacement
by: Sarah says:

Hi Kathy,
I'm sorry for the nearly 2 week delay in getting back to you! I have been hard at work keeping all these balls in the air!
Yes, the BB will be fine for you having had 2 hip replacements.
The only thing you have to be careful of is bending the hips up too far. In fact, to be more precise, it is only the 'adduction' movement that is to be avoided, when the hips are bent right up. This is where you push the thigh right in across the midline.
Avoid doing this as you do Step 2 of the BackBlock routine. (You would anyway, one hopes, because I say in my various videos and also in the BackBlock written stuff on both this site and www.simplebackpain.com that you should keep the knees wide apart as you rock them gently to ease your back, as this is more comfortable for the hips.)
Having had the 2 hip replacements is no reason not to behave as normally as possible with your hips and make them do 'hippy' things. In the lead-up to having the hips done you will probably have been very 'limpy'. This translates straight to your back, so many THR patients need to address their hips after the operation to get the most benefit.
The spinal rolling will also be good for you to follow general back appeasing exercise as shown here:

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