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working in a stable (ironically for handicapped people) obliges me to use fork and shovel 7 days a week. i have chronic elbow pain since 2009. Reading 'keep your joints young' it appears that how one holds the shovel is likely to be key.
Since many daily tasks oblige repetitive use of extensors and supinator ->CEO trauma should one hold shovel 'palm up' rather than 'palm down'? The same reasoning would suggest that 'palm up' driving may also be of benefit.
Please could you advise?
best regards

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Dec 31, 2013
elbow function
by: Sarah says

Hello Dietmar,
The elbow function you are referring to with using pitchfork is more likely to be the result of compression through the elbow joint caused by jamming the fork into the pile of debris to be removed – specifically jamming your radial head up under the humerus bone of the upper arm - rather then being a supination problem (turning the hand palm up). You are on the right track though in that you are reading about all the exercises for the elbow joint that you possibly can in the book 'Body in Action' (see right hand column here). Rather than worrying about whether you should use the fork palm up for the palm down, I would try heaving the contents of the fork to the other side. This will make the other arm work more dominantly and spare the elbow. Even so, you will find that all the exercises shown to you in the book will help you get rid of this problem.
In addition, simply lying on your tummy in bed at night to get to sleep with the arms trapped under your body, both forearms in the supinated position down either side of your body, will help stretch out the elbows. (Make sure that you protect the neck by using a pillow under the side of your chest to which the head is facing as this will stop you having to go into too much rotation of your neck.) Hanging from a bar to will also make it easier for the radial head to pull away from humerus and this will help pull the joint apart and reduce the pain done through the forearm.

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