Dislocated Sacroiliac or slipped disc or something else

by Lucy
(Fife, scotland)

I have had generalised back pain for over twenty years. During pregnancies experienced sacroiliac dysfunction and pubis symphesis. Ten months ago diagnosed with slipped disc (following mri scan) and this happened again seven months ago. Earlier this year Physiotherapist said the pain was caused by dislocated sacroiliac and manipulated it back into place and slowly i got better although never pain free. I took up tai chi which i think helped a little. A couple of weeks ago problems got worse again (lower back, buttocks, thighs, calves). Physiotherapist again diagnosed dislocated sacroiliac and manipulated joint back into place. Pain continued to worsen till point that doctor had to administer morphine. Vague diagnosis of sciatica from unknown cause. Now flat on back on strong drugs (diazepam, oxycodone, naproxen). Pain easing though still strong and my intolerance to drugs means that i can't stand up without feeling very faint. My question is..... Where do i go from here?
Many thanks
Lucy Wright
Age 44

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Jun 27, 2013
in crisis with your back
by: Sarah says:

Dear Lucy in Fife,
You certainly seem to be in crisis. My only comment is that the diagnosis of 'dislocated sacro-iliac joint' has me wondering. I say this because there are few joints stronger the the SIJ. It is extremely robust and unlikely to jump in and out of joint. It can only be likely to do this with massive trauma. However, it is possible for a spinal problem to refer pain over this area. Facet joints for example, are much more 'pull apartable' as well as being highly vascular and 'wired for pain'. Having said that, it is not possible for me to diagnose what is wrong from afar and you need to get started on trying to settle things down- whatever the cause.
See here the link howtorelievebackpain
but you can also use the 'Search' option on the front page of SBP.com and see several references where spinal appeasing is brought in.
You really have to matters in to your own hands Lucy, because nobody will be able to do anything lasting with your back, in a hands-on way, while it is still rigid with pain and you can barely stand. After you have cleared yourself of the acute crisis of pain you must advance to more pro-active self treatment with the BackBlock.
I hope this helps.

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