Disc degeneration and facet arthropathy and most beneficial exercises

by Yves
(Delta Ohio USA)

Hello Sarah

While listening to your video #3 I got a question: you say that facet arthropathy pain is always one-sided,and my question is that I very often get pain on one side but it alternates ( right side then left side etc...,but not on both sides at the same time). Is it facet joint pain?
I also started the BackBlock regime ( I received it few days ago) as well as floor twists ( very gentle because I can already feel a strong stretch just by bringing the thighs down to the floor) and the pain has already come a little bit more centralized and I move a little bit more freely too.Thank you so much!
Another pain is also when turning in the bed,where it is like pulling on a string on the side that is involved.
So what do you think would be the best daily regimen?
I want to add that discovering you and your works brings about so much hope! Thank you very much.

I tried to attach 2 pictures... I hope I succeeded...

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May 16, 2014
slowly does it
by: Sarah says

Hello Yves,
I can see from your scans that you indeed have some mild disc thinning at L5 and the same mild degree of facet arthropathy of the lower lumbar facets. I can also see that you had some mild scoliosis and this may be the reason that your pain swaps from side to side. Just hasten slowly Yves. You will stir things up if you try and do too much too soon. Keep going back to watching back pain videos and slowly taking in what I am saying. Don't try and do too much too soon. For example even though you have had a benefit already from the floor twists, they are quite advanced and you may be pushing things too soon. I say this to all my patients.

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