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Is cycling bad for your back?

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Oct 10, 2013
is cycling bad for your back?
by: Sarah

That's a short 'n sweet question Ann. Let's hope I can be a short 'n sweet with the answer.
As an exercise, there is few better than cycling. It provides fantastic heart/lung aerobic fitness. It pumps the large muscles in the legs and provides strengthening, while at the same time involving no hard landing impact with the ground.
Depending on the bike, it can be a bit of a strain for the upper back, especially the racing bikes which involve a lot of craning of the head backwards so you can see where you going. Your riding long distances to the crouched position can also be a bit of a worry over time and it is essential, I believe, to always use the BackBlock the winch yourself out of this curled forward posture when you get off the bike.
In fact, the same principles of sitting driving a car also apply to riding a bike. You might like to read here about sitting postures when driving

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