Correct way to do reverse curl ups

Hi Sarah
As someone who has suffered from back pain for a number of years recently finding your book, Backs Sufferers Bible and following the exercises has been a great help.

I was recently showing a physiotherapist how I do a reverse curl up, I lie on my back with back pressed into the ground then bring one knee up and perform the exercise. The physio said I shouldn't have a flat back but should maintain a curve in the spine so that a hand could be fit between back and floor.

Re-reading the exercise instructions in your book I can't see it indicating either method. Could you tell me what you would recommend either back flat on the floor on with a curve ?



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Sep 04, 2013
arched back doing reverse curls
by: Sarah

I dont know where your therapist is coming from with this advice.
You need 'to be attempting to flatten your back' while doing the reverse curl ups (both legs coming up towards the chin together) as if pressing down on a hand under the small of your back on the floor. This pressure on the hand stops the back arching. You need to prevent the low back arching to reduce the action of the strong hip flexors (Psoas) causing shearing strains across your lumbar segments. You will get a lot from reading
Hope this helps.

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