Compression fractures T7 8 11 and 12 from osteoporosis.

by Julia

Sarah, I have continuing back stiffness left hand side from the above injuries incurred while doing too much heavy work not realising I had severe osteoporosis. The initial injury T8 occurred 3 months ago now and scans showed I further injured myself doing light lifting since then. I have been wearing a brace on and off. I think it is settling a bit ,though still wake up very stiff in mornings and very restricted to what I can do. Have to be very careful reaching over in bed to turn light on.I am 60 years old now and am frightened of becoming old before my time, also losing height and becoming stooped. What can I do to try and recover? Is recovery possible. I know once compressed the vertabrae can't expand again. Do you know of any similar cases with positive outcomes.

Thank you for listening, Sarah.

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Jun 30, 2013
by: Sarah says:

Hello Julia,
While it is possible to suffer a compression fracture of the spine with lifting if you have osteoporosis, it is rare, and you are unlucky here. But the important point is, if you do not push and pull yourself about and keep active, keeping the gravitational forces pulsing through your spine, it WILL get worse. Bone gets - and stays - strong when it is stretched and compressed with alternating on-off daily movements. Stretch, in particular, is vital for you.
I'm not too sure when you say your scans have shown it has 'got worse' whether you have had further scans, but the worst thing you can do is treat your spine like a fragile Dresden doll, which you will be tempted to do if you have been told to fear movement.
I suggest you spend a period of time each day (2 minutes only at a time, perhaps 3 time per day) lying flat on your back on the floor (no pillow) taking your arms over your head, interlacing your fingers and turning the palms away. This helps keep your upper back from stooping forward more, while stretching out the front of shoulder muscles that being tight, help keep you stooped forward. At 60 you are too young to succumb to this! It might be worthwhile to attend my Sydney clinic where one of my highly trained staff will see you. This will give you comfort and reassurance as you have your spine gently manually mobilised. You can call them on 02-92478627.

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