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Sarah Key is world renowned for treating lower back pain. She and her staff at her Circular Quay physiotherapy clinic also treat a wide range of joint and muscle problems, all of which fall into the category of musculo-skeletal disorders. 

The highly respected Sarah Key Circular Quay Physiotherapy Centre is welcoming and friendly and will always try to see you as quickly as possible, often the day you call. You can make an appointment through the girls at the Front Desk on 02 9247 8627. 

Sarah Key is world renowned for treating lower back pain

Many working in downtown Sydney are unaware that one of the most highly respected Sydney CBD physiotherapy clinics is just a stone's throw away. Situated on the 6th Floor of 44 Bridge Street, at the corner of Bridge and Young, The Sarah Key Physiotherapy Centre, is the pre-eminent Sydney CBD physiotherapy practice, established over a quarter century ago. 

You can make a booking here for a proper assessment, diagnosis and treatment at the Sarah Key Circular Quay physiotherapy practice 

Sarah was made a Member of the Victorian Order by Her Majesty the Queen in 2003. You might like to read more about Sarah Key here.

Sarah Key enjoys the acclaim of being a highly respected clinician, teacher of post-graduate physiotherapy students, author of several best-selling books on back pain and frequent social commentator in the media about back problems. She has also acquired some notoriety through being physiotherapist to the Royal family in the UK. Her Circular Quay physiotherapy practice was established after she returned to Sydney to live in 1985. 

The staff at The Sarah Key Sydney CBD Physiotherapy Centre are all hand-picked and trained by Sarah Key herself, with every therapist passing through 'The Sarah Problem Back Masterclasses' for post graduate physiotherapists, run in the UK and Australia. You may like to check out the staff here and read about their individual experience and areas of expertise. 

 just a few of the conditions we treat at our circular quay physiotherapy centre . . . 

Knee problems are the second most common cause for a visit to your GP. Contrary to what you may think knee problems are usually related to the patella (kneecap) rather than the knee cartilages. Treatment is quite easy, with you doing a lot yourself. You may also like to read an associated page on knee replacement physiotherapy

Neck Problems 
The increasing use of computers has caused neck problems have become more widespread ~ and more intractable. A bad neck can be sickeningly painful, with a peculiar ability to erode quality of life. You may read more on neck problems here.

Shoulder problems are slightly more difficult to fix and often related to a bad neck. Treatment is usually directed to both neck and shoulder with an important part of management at the Sarah Key Centre, you doing a large part of the treatment yourself at home. Here is more in depth reading on shoulder problems and shoulder physio

Migraine and headaches are also often associated with neck problems, in particular inflammation of one or several upper cervical facet joints which causes referred pain over the head and face. Highly specific and skilled mobilisation of the cervical spine is an important part of management of headaches at the Sarah Key Sydney CBD physiotherapy practice.

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