Chronic neck pain ( 9 months) and muscle exhaustion


I have mild/moderate scoliosis which only came to light a few years ago. I have done yoga on and off for years and I have managed, with the help of your marvellous books to eliminate any lower back pain. However, at the end of last year( during an admittedly stressful period of my life) I started getting appalling neck pain on the RH side of my neck - literally breathtakingly grim first thing in the morning on rising, and easing a bit through the day. Many physio sessions, plus 6 acupuncture sessions, plus gentle yoga - some improvement but now I have intermittent muscle aches/burning at the base of my neck and spreading over the tops of my shoulders. Nights are still when it is worse. I use a soft,down, thin pillow.

I have bought a back block and started using it as per your instructions but I wondered if there was anything more specific for neck pain I should do?
( I have had and X Ray and MRI - nothing too significant, slightly narrowed nerve exits on RH side)
Happy to have a Skype session if it can work with the time zones.
Best wishes,
Irene from Berkshire, UK,

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Sep 11, 2013
treating your neck
by: Sarah

There is something you can do for yourself, if you're prepared to have a try.
Ideally, you can do this when using the BackBlock under your upper back so that your head and neck are passively arched or draped backwards and exposed at the front. Then, you can carefully get your fingers into the sides of your neck, where you will feel the large lumps of the inflamed facet joints. You need to fondle these in a painful yet gentle way, digging in and eliciting some of your familiar discomfort. If it's too hard getting your head back to the floor on the BB, you can start with just lying flat on your back. Note, this is in to the SIDES of your neck, whereas the physio is just usually in the back. You can also read a bit about neck treatment (though admittedly what we do in our Sydney Clinic here:
Neck Problems
Hope this helps.
You can also see a similar thing on The Back App, with me getting my fingers into my own back.

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